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Our roadside sign will greet you. Our roadside sign will greet you. Just turn in here.
Our buildingWe have used our nearly 30 years of doing dentistry six days a week to provide you with a 7,600 square feet high tech facility designed and dedicated to assuring you excellence in dental health care.
Covered entrancesOur entry and exit vehicle ports allow easy building entry during inclement weather. They also provide superior handicapped access. We will stop at nothing to far exceed your expectations in dental care.
The reception deskWe personally greet each patient guest at our reception desk.
The LobbyPlenty of space is available for both you and those who care about you.
Children's areaWe see a large number of children. Patients bring us their children for treatment with confidence. We have provided this children's area and a selection of books to be "just their size" and capture their interest.
Our GardenEach treatment room has a large glass picture window overlooking our award winning garden. Hopefully I'll get a photo with things in bloom!
Treatment RoomEach treatment room is spacious and allows you to have those who care about you present - should you so desire.
Sterilization equipmentSterilization in dental care is more important in the current times than ever before. We have assembled an extensive system to protect you that includes 6 autoclaves, designated areas for reception of instruments from the operatories and for sterile storage under reverse laminate air flow, in counter ultrasound cleaning, pre-disinfection by high temperature Miele before autoclaving and a built-in instrument drying station. Additionally all of the water that is used in the patients mouth is the product of a specially engineered water treatment system that starts with reverse osmosis and runs the output water through a U.V. sterilization device. This output is run through an anion treatment tank, then a cation treatment tank and finally to a mixed resin bed before being maintained in a separate storage system. This pump pressurized water is then distributed via entirely separate all plastic beverage industry standard bio-film resistant plumbing to each operatory as it supplies all of the handpieces and the water syringes.
Sterilization 2Each operatory is also designed to have an entirely separate bottled source additionally redundantly available during service of the main system. This seems extensive but it is an excellent example of the lengths to which we go to help you have the best possible well protected dental experience at DRsMesh.com.
Diplomas and CertifcatesWe are proud of the extensive dental training and dental degrees earned by our doctors. Each doctor at DRsMesh.com has done far more than just completing dental school. Each of our doctors has also completed an ADA accredited two year post-doctoral specialty training program. They have completed numerous yearly continuing education programs.
More CertificationsDrs. Joe and Aline also were both dental school professors. Both Drs. Joe and Aline have also presented continuing education programs attended by doctors from many states and all parts of the world. Also note the glass consultation room provided for our business staff to speak with you in privacy.
Open Space DesignExtensive use of glass is employed to provide you privacy in your treatment. Our entire building uses dramatically vaulted and reflectively lit ceilings to eliminate any possible feeling of "small spaces".
MirrorA mirrored area with a courtesy telephone and a sink allows you to assure that you're ready to appear publically when leaving.
Receptionists AreaOur business staff is equipped to have the information needed to serve you properly.
RestroomYes. We are posting a photo from our patient bathroom! This is because this is the "most commented on by patients" room in the entire office. We have provided plenty of room for handicapped access as well as mothers to change a baby. Every aspect of this office has been designed by the Doctors with your comfort in mind at all times.
Night TimeAh. Night time. Everyone is gone except for DRs Joe and Aline. Things slow down. This is when Dr. Joe does the prosthodontic lab work for the lab staff to work on in the morning. Note the darkened image of the Zeiss binocular operating microscope with video camera to allow you to see what the doctor sees if you should so desire. Also note that many of our areas have weather machines on the walls to keep you informed of what is happening outside the building.


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