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Aline - Rio & Synchro
Rio & Synchro (departed)

The Zoo

Some people have absolutely no use for pets. That's OK! If that is you, you can jump to another page in this web site now. But for those who do like pets... Dr. Aline really likes them as well.. All of them. She has never met a pet that she didn't like. Of this, we are pretty certain. If you would like to see some of ours, please read below. If you have some pets of your own, please send the photos to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   We would LOVE TO SEE YOUR PETS! All of us here are truly pet nuts!


Charlie (now passed) was a Boston Terrier. He spent his early years on the dog show circuit competing against the best dogs in the nation. For much of 2001, he was ranked #1 Boston Terrier in the US. Charlie then returned home and enjoyed his life as a Retired Champion. Charlie always enjoyed sitting in a chair in the radio room with Dr. Joe as he barked at the Police Dogs that appeared in episodes of COPS. (Charlie did the barking not Dr. Joe)

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey is a standard Long-haired Dachshund. He actively participated in dog shows and accumulated the second best overall record of total wins in the entire history of his breed. Chunky Monkey had a record of incredible accomplishments.   In the 2003 show season Chunky was ranked as the #1 dachshund all coats all systems. He has won 19 U.S. all-breed *Best in Show* awards in addition to multiple U.S. *Best of Specialty Show* awards. Chunky was the recipient of the 2003 Pedigree award and received both the Award of Merit and the Best of Breed awards at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show in New York City on TV. Chunky has appeared on television multiple times including ESPN and the Animal Planet Networks.   Chunky is available at stud to qualified select bitches.

Chunky MonkeyChunky MonkeyChunky Monkey
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Gouldian Finches

Dr. Aline somehow finds time to enjoy breeding Australian and African Estrildid finches. She has been breeding successfully for years. Her breeding successes include many color variations and breeds.




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