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Mesh Tales

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Who are we?

The Drs. Mesh weren't always the Drs. Mesh. They used to be Dr. Joseph Mesh and Dr. Aline Geoffroy. In 1981, they were married and formed the Drs. Mesh. Actually they met at Boston University where they both were students at The Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry.

After graduation and while both were enrolled in post-doctoral specialty training programs, Aline asked Joe to be married. Please note the order of who actually asked whom as she tells the story differently on most occasions. Both Drs. graduated from their specialty training programs in 1983. Dr. Joe studied Prosthodontics and Dr. Aline studied Endodontics.

They soon became full time professors at the University of Detroit Dental School where they remained while making arrangements to open a new private practice together. The concept of opening a practice "from scratch" in Michigan in 1985 was considered unique. Far more unique was the concept of both doctors possessing specialty training yet opening as general practitioners!

Dr. Joseph Mesh

Joe Mesh was first found driving an old Olds 442 in the late 60's around Albion Michigan where he was a college student at Albion College. Having been born in the very early 1950's in Detroit Michigan, he made Dearborn Michigan his home for many years. After graduating from Albion College, Dr. Joe became involved in electron microscopy with an old RCA-80 EM scope at Wayne State University. Graduate work at Wayne State continued for two years in chemistry and he then enrolled in the school of pharmacy at Wayne State (You have to become employable sometime!). Dr. Joe left the school of pharmacy near the end to attain the D.M.D. degree at Boston University. After the D.M.D. degree Dr. Joe went on to complete the post-doctoral ADA accredited degree program in Prosthodontics at Boston University. During those years he also studied maxillofacial prosthodontics at Tufts University. In spite of these academic accomplishments he regrets having sold the Oldsmobile 442!

Dr. Aline Mesh

During her college years at Merrimack College she could be seen riding a horse named George on the hillsides of Dracut Massachusetts. Fortunately she has no horses today but she does have an extensive collection of pets frequently referred to as "Aline's Zoo". It is said that she walked into the endodontics operatory one day at Boston University while Dr. Joe was having difficulty with a complex procedure. She assessed the situation and said "...Move over boy and let a pro take over." He did and they have been together ever since. (She said that if I didn't make up something good about her like that, she wouldn't be in the Web Page!) (Please remember that this is the story as SHE tells it!) After college Dr. Aline also studied ruminant nutrition at the University of Georgia.   She then completed the D.M.D. degree at Boston University.  Upon completion of the D.M.D. program she entered and graduated from the prestigious Boston University ADA accredited degree program in post-doctoral Endodontics. She admits that she did all of this just to be able to have more pets.



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