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Our Own Full Service On Site Lab

Our in-house lab with two and a half technicians does all of our lab work. Nothing leaves our building. This includes all of the crowns and bridges, implant supported restorations, precision attached combination reconstructions, complete removable dentures, removable partial dentures including the chrome cobalt frameworks, periodontal appliances, bleaching trays, and all orthodontic appliances and retainers. That's a lot!. And it is rare to assemble this much technical expertise in one dental laboratory.

Most commercial labs cannot approach this spectrum of diversity and competence. But why two and a half people? That's because there are two full time technicians. Some of them are C.D.T.s. This means that they have tested and achieved certification as Certified Dental Technicians. Who then is the "half" tech? That's Dr. Joe! Dr. Joe personally does all of the crown and bridge casting. How does the patient benefit? We are able to fabricate the lab work faster and completely control all aspects of your treatment. You benefit as the fit is more predictable through this tight control. Nothing is lost in the delivery system. You will never be sent driving anywhere to visit a ceramicist for custom shade determination and matching as we do it with our ceramicist right here! We know that the alloy we say is used is indeed HIGH NOBLE. This is because we stock nothing else.

All of the laboratory equipment is absolutely "state of the art". This a "no compromise" facility. It is also the cleanest dental lab that you will likely ever find. Please ask us to tour our very own on premise lab. We are all so proud of the lab and these three full time, fine technicians. Very few general practice offices have a lab at all. Some but certainly not all prosthodontic offices have on premise laboratories. Even less have three full time highly trained and accomplished technicians in a full service lab. This is a major benefit for our patients. Please let us show you this wonderful facility. All of this saves money as there is no commercial lab manager enjoying a middle man cut. We pass this savings along to the patient providing yet another benefit directly to you!

Don't forget to ask for a lab tour...



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