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General Dentistry FAQs

Does your office have extended hours?

Yes! We have both Saturday appointments and Evening appointments. Call (810) 750-1000 in Fenton now to schedule your appointment.

What is the waiting period for emergency procedures?

We pride ourselves on seeing emergency cases very quickly. Most frequently we ask you to COME RIGHT IN, THE SAME DAY. (Don't live another minute with the pain!) We are here to help you.

Do You Perform Teeth Bleaching Treatments?

Yes. We have both In-Office and Take-Home treatments. We have the facts on bleaching and stock everything that is needed. We have been bleaching teeth for over 25 years. You can see our live tooth whitening examples in many of our wonderful and skilled staff members. Call 810-750-1000 now to see Lori and learn all there is to know about tooth whitening and bleaching.

Tell Me About Teeth Whitening and Bleaching. Is It Safe?

Tooth whitening, performed "in-office" or at "home" by our Fenton area practice, is not harmful to the teeth. We have been bleaching teeth successfully and making smiles whiter for over 25 years. We currently offer both "in office - bleaching done right now!" and "home" tooth whitening systems. Let us explain the differences between the techniques. We'll help you decide which system is best for you. Bleaching is ideal for removing tough stains caused by coffee, tobacco, tea, other beverages and food. Certain patients may experience sensitivity after traditional bleaching, but we can discuss techniques that limit sensitivity to an absolute minimum or even make it non-existent. Call for a bleaching appointment with Lori at 810-750-1000 in our Fenton area office. Following a tooth whitening session at our practice, patients should continue to receive regular cleaning and dental exams to maintain their results and fabulous new smile. With proper care, the effects of home tooth bleaching or an in office tooth whitening session can last indefinitely.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, of course! We are always happy to serve new patients, as well as their family and friends.

Do You Accept My Insurance?

We are very happy to help you file a claim with most any insurance plan. We work hard to help you use your dental insurance coverage to minimize your out of pocket costs! Call Fenton now at 810-750-1000 and ask for Amanda. She specializes in reducing your personal cost out of pocket.

How Much will it Cost?

When you schedule an appointment to see our doctors your situation will be evaluated and discussed with you completely and to your total satisfaction. We can generate a treatment plan at this time for either your entire mouth or just a specific issue or area that you wish to address. Alternative treatments are discussed and offered along with their effects on over all cost. We will then have one of our financial advisors discuss the costs of treatment with you including the costs of alternatives. We can offer several routes to help you make the work you need affordable for you. Our staff has helped thousands of people find quality dental care affordable. Our Doctors and Staff will help you understand all the procedures & costs.

Where's the best place to go for Dental Questions?

Just ask out doctors! We want you to understand your treatment completely. We spend hours helping patients understand their treatment. Please call 810-750-100 in Fenton to arrange a quick appointment!



Call now for an appointment at 810-750-1000
or visit us at 15555 Silver Parkway, Fenton, MI 48430.

If you prefer electronic contact, just fill out our
simple online appointment form.

Do you have a question for one of the doctors or the office?

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