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Prosthetic Instant Orthodontics -

New Teeth Today!

Instant Orthodontics refers to the fact that you leave that day with your new smile in place!

Instant orthodontics is a misleading term because it is not orthodontics at all. It is fixed prosthodontics. It is cemented in place reconstruction. It is an excellent solution to extensive smile and dental problems in adults. It does refer to a combination of prosthodontic procedures including veneers, crowns, cosmetic fillings and cemented in place bridges. Sometimes dental implants are included but dental implants are certainly not required. Instant orthodontics or prosthodontic reconstruction is done to cover and restore misaligned teeth to instantly straighten the smile, idealize the color and address all of the concerns patients may have with their existing pre-treatment smile. Best of all you receive those benefits right now that day!

Instant orthodontics is the ideal dental solution for adults with crooked and uneven teeth who are hesitant to wear traditional braces. Traditional orthodontic treatment is also available at our Fenton office. It is very conservative of tooth structure but takes a whole lot longer to achieve the final tooth position result. Conventional orthodontic treatment does not address color changes or changes in the shape of teeth. With instant orthodontics, patients can visit our Fenton area practice and have their teeth straightened and looking great the very same day! Gaps between the teeth and crowding can be instantly corrected with high-quality, aesthetically beautiful porcelain restorations such as crowns and veneers.

Because porcelain can be used to alter the size, shape, unaesthetic spaces, and even the color of the teeth, instant orthodontics or prosthodontic reconstruction is also a technique ideal for patients with discolored or oddly shaped teeth. If you are interested in learning more about instant orthodontics properly called prosthodontic reconstruction contact us in our Fenton, Michigan office today. Call Jen now at 810-750-1000 for an appointment to discuss this concept with Dr. Joe Mesh and see how you can benefit from our office's 25 years of experience with these procedures.

Dr. Joe Mesh is a graduate of the post-doctoral program in prosthodontics of Boston University. He is a member of the ACP (American College of Prosthodontists). He is also a former professor of prosthodontics. Dr. Joe has been successfully performing full mouth reconstruction for over 27 years. Our office sees people from all stages and walks of life. Word of well done work gets around. Patients from many states have visited Fenton, MI to have oral reconstruction properly performed.



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