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General Dentistry

With our new state of the art facility located in Fenton at 15555 Silver Parkway, we can offer you the finest quality of care...complete with our on-site dental lab, Digital X-rays, Imaging and Computerized Charting.

But Wait a minute...

Let's say that a patient asked: "Your office offers virtually every special dental service. What's up with that?"

It is unique that each dentist in our office DOES have SPECIALTY TRAINING. This means that each dentist completed an ADA accredited post-doctoral training program in their specialty area. Dr. David Torby does indeed practice as a licensed specialist. Yet DRs Joe & Aline Mesh decided at the onset to obtain the entirety of the specialty training and then license as general dentists. This brings you more. You have everything under one roof. You have dentists with special post-doctoral education and the benefits of an office offering the entire scope of general dental care for the entire family. You can send your family to this office with confidence.

Dr. Torby completed his specialty training in Orthodontics. Orthodontics is the specialty of straightening teeth. This means that he specializes in tooth movement situations or "BRACES". Dr. Torby sees adults and children. In fact more adults move their teeth these days than adolescents.

Dr. Aline Mesh completed her specialty training in Endodontics. Endodontics is the science of root canal treatment. She enjoys performing root canal procedures and has established a large patient following due to the success of her procedures and the comfort that her patients experience. She also enjoys helping children and special needs patients. She enjoys routine restorations as well. When a dentist "specializes" the practice becomes "limited" to only procedures of the special nature. Specialty limited practice arrangements would simply not work for her. Specialty practice would not allow her to do the other procedures that she enjoys. This was also true for Dr. Joe. Since the start of their dental private practice lives both doctors decided to organize a general practice and PRACTICE GENERAL DENTISTRY. They provide you all of this as well as bringing you the added benefits of their specialty post-doctoral education.

Dr. Joe Mesh completed the specialty training course of post-doctoral education in Prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is the science of fixed and removable full and partial oral reconstruction and implantology. Dr. Joe enjoys complex adult restorative situations. Doing this properly requires the in-house lab for true flexibility in providing you the finest. Dr. Joe has performed literally thousands of full reconstructions in the last 27+ years. We are proud of the many friends we have made and continued to see professionally for the entire time. Patients have sent their friends and now we see patients from many states to provide these reconstructive services. Yet Dr. Joe also enjoys surgical procedures. For the same reasons as Dr. Aline, Dr. Joe also desired from the start to not be limited by classical specialty dental practice. He elected to license in general dentistry to allow him to perform the variety of procedures that he enjoys. Again, we bring you the added benefit of seeing a GENERAL DENTIST when seeing Dr. Joe who also has completed specialty post-doctoral education.

Do you have a question about any of this? Just ask us! We want you to understand and we want to set our extensive educational record straight! At DRs Mesh.com we are here for you.



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