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The Excellence Advantage Dental Plan

Join in the Excellence Advantage Dental Plan today, and start receiving discounted pricing and savings for almost every procedure performed at DrsMesh.com.

Become a member of the DrsMesh.com In-House Dental Plan

Our dental plan provides members a discounted fee schedule for most dental services. You can save on a variety of procedures from cleanings and X-Rays to fillings, extractions, crowns & root canals! All services are completely performed under one roof. This is Excellence in Dentistry made AFFORDABLE!

With DrsMesh.com - not having dental insurance is no problem! The Excellence Advantage Dental Plan makes it affordable for everyone to receive quality dental care.

Enroll now for only $139 per year, per family member.

  • Everyone without existing dental insurance coverage is eligible to join!
  • No patient will be denied
  • No maximum each year!
  • No excluded services
  • No deductible
  • No waiting period
  • No claims to file
  • No need for per-authorization
  • No non-coverage surprises - We administer the membership program. We can tell you right now what your costs will be without exception.
  • We keep track of your effective date for you
  • Payment in full is required at the time of starting the dental service. This is required for us to provide such discounted fees to our patients. Our personnel can help you meet these payment requirements with many options, one being Care Credit. For additional information on Care Credit, speak with Amanda at 810-750-1000. Our staff is dedicated to you and finding you a solution that allows for Excellence in dentistry on any budget!

    Making the Best Dentistry Affordable for You!

    Our Discounted Plan includes the Following Services Free!

  • Periodic Exam (once every 6 months). This is two free exams each calendar year.
  • Regular Cleaning (2 per calendar year)
  • One series of 4 Bitewing X-Rays each year
  • Floride Treatment (once every 6 months for children and adults of any age!)
  • Preventive Services
    Service Standard Fee Member Fee
    Examination $67 {varies} FREE
    Cleaning $99 FREE
    Radiographs (1st 4 bitewings each year only) $74 FREE
    Floride Treatment (ANY age) $59 FREE
    Sealants $59 $39
    Periodontal Maintenance $189 $152
    Scaling & Root Planning (per quadrant) $265 $208
    Crowns - Prosthodontics
    All Crowns $1208 $820
    Cores $448 $260
    Dentures - Prosthodontics
    Quality Denture $1809 {each} $1400*
    Root Canals - Endodontics
    Root Canal $776* $560-800*
    Braces - Orthodontics
    Complete $5000* $1250-4000*
    Other Services
    Fillings $182* $109-350*
    Extractions $252* $220-$450
    *Prices may vary.

    Membership in the Excellence Advantage Dental Plan is renewable every year. If you enroll in auto-renewal of the plan, you'll receive a 10% discount off of next years' membership fee. Ask our front-desk staff for details and how to sign up!

    Program Limitations:

    Our in-house discount plan is not a dental insurance plan. It has NO COORDINATION OF BENEFITS provision. It cannot be used as follows:

  • This membership plan has NO COVERAGE with any other dental plan. (Example: If you have Delta you are not eligible)
  • This membership plan provides NO coverage if your dental services are the result of or are related to a work injury (worker's comp insurance claims apply here!)
  • This membership does NOT cover services related to automobile accidents (auto accident claims)
  • This membership plan does NOT cover any hospital related services and/or charges
  • If the treatment you request is not within the scope of ethical practice, in the opinion of the doctors you will NOT be treated and the plan will have no coverage effect.
  • We seldom find it necessary to send you to another provider but in the special circumstance where referral to another doctor or specialist is required this plan DOES NOT apply.


    Call now for an appointment at 810-750-1000
    or visit us at 15555 Silver Parkway, Fenton, MI 48430.

    If you prefer electronic contact, just fill out our
    simple online appointment form.

    Do you have a question for one of the doctors or the office?

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