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Dental Implants

Second Opinions are gladly offered.

Fixed Implant restoration is frequently performed at DRs Mesh.

We have been restoring dental implants since 1985. Various implant solutions available. Call now for a consult specific to your individual situation in Fenton at 810-750-1000.

Many dentists today place an implant whenever possible wherever a tooth is missing. This is NOT how it should be done. First all of the alternatives for restoration of an area need to be discussed. You need to hear more than words but see these restorations in your hand to evaluate them for you in your own situation. Then both sides - the values and the potential problems - associated with a given restorative treatment plan need be discussed. Only then are you an educated patient. Only then can you decide on a course of treatment.   Treatment that affects your life not only in the appearance of your smile and your ability to chew but it affects your wallet as well.

Many times an implant is not the best solution. Yet many times it is. When it is not we are here to help you and when it is we still remain here to help you. Let's decide through discussion and understanding what is best for you. Let's decide what is the best all-around course for you to follow to restore your dental situation. Just call 810-750-1000 and setup a consult appointment with Dr. Joe Mesh to fully understand your situation and all treatment plans that could help you. Only then can you decide. Fortunately - due to our extensive in "one house" experience level - once you decide we stand ready right then to start your progress and make dental treatment work for you.



Call now for an appointment at 810-750-1000
or visit us at 15555 Silver Parkway, Fenton, MI 48430.

If you prefer electronic contact, just fill out our
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