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Cleanings, Periodontal Therapy & Maintenance

We offer a DIGITAL HYGIENE appointment. Why? What is it? The answer is simple. We use digital techniques to establish the periodontal records of probings, intraoral images as visual records, laser decay detection and digital radiology to vastly reduce the x-ray energy and help protect YOU! Why do we offer this? Because in this way you actually SEE the issues that we are discussing with you. Seeing them is understanding them. Working in this manner makes such an incredible difference for the patient. Very frequently patients say: "This is excellent, now I follow what my needs are and why didn't my last dentist take the time to explain things like this to me in this detail?"

Hygiene care is the foundation of good dental treatment. That's because it is the foundation of the teeth - the way that teeth are retained or mounted in the jaw - that is being treated!

It is said that over 90% of the population has some form of periodontal disease. This can be as simple as early gingivitis or as complicated as end stage chronic generalized periodontitis. In any case we don't want you to have these issues. If you do have these issues now then we need to help you with treating them.

We have assembled a remarkable hygiene department. All members are highly skilled and provide only the highest level of dental care in an unusually non-hurried environment. All of our hygienists are also licensed in ALL pain control management techniques. They regularly perform these procedures thus they have developed a high level of skill. They will be sure that your visit does not "hurt" you during or after the periodontal treatment through properly selected methods of control. Nitrous oxide, local anesthetics, topical anesthetics, anxiety relief and the skill of the hygienist are the methods used here.

Here is a short video that introduces a great smart phone app for iPhones and Android phones. This app helps you save money on dental costs in a fun manner. Home care cuts dental costs. Let's make home care more interesting and fun. Here's how! Enjoy the short video. Download the free app.

Video not playing? Visit the <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foBPBD4jvCI">full YouTube version</a> instead.

When you have completed your treatment plan continued hygiene maintenance is essential. Our hygiene team makes custom suggestions for your continued in office care as well as your home care. This helps protect your investment in your dental treatment.

Set up an appointment now by calling 810-750-1000 and let our hygiene department impress you!



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