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Children's Services

Ask any parent.  Nothing is more important than your children. Trust in those that provide health care for your children is imperative. For years many parents have placed that trust in Dr. Aline Mesh.   Dr. Aline sees children as young as 1 - 1.5 years or earlier if a problem is noted. We want to see your child when teeth are present in the mouth or even before if a concern comes to light. Many families find that age 2 is a reasonable time for their children to see the hygienist and Dr. Aline.   Dr. Aline also sees "difficult to treat" children patients and usually is able to obtain a great deal of cooperation with treatment. The developmentally disabled are also seen enthusiastically and treated with care.

Our office is motivationally oriented in obtaining cooperation from youthful patients rather than "drug" oriented. Rest assured that restraint is never employed.   Nitrous Oxide gas is an option when the parent approves. We have almost 30 years of experience with extensive dental treatment for children. We also have had experience with the use of nitrous oxide for that length of time.

In addition to nearly all other insurance plans, we have chosen to honor - by special arrangement - both MiChild and Healty Kids insurance plans.  Parents with children who qualify for these plans may select DRs Mesh.com with confidence.

For situations requiring tooth movement we have Dr. David Torby in our office each week. Dr. Torby is an orthodontic specialist of many years experience. We are very pleased to offer the services of this fine orthodontist. Dr. Torby has been with us for many years and the quality of his work is outstanding. Traditional "braces" are offered. Clear brackets for a more esthetic look during treatment are also an option as is removable orthodontics through active retention devices or Invisiline.

Let us help you with your child's dental treatment or orthodontic needs.   

Just call 810-750-1000 for an appointment.

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