30,000 Referrals in 30 years

Over 30,000 people have recommended their friends and family to seek dental care at our office over the last nearly 30 years. We are proud of that accomplishment and it means a lot to you the patient. It means that you can choose this practice with confidence in the experience and long established track record of success in the treatment of oral health issues. This is demonstrated by our having been firmly established in one community since 1985.

We are here to serve you at a reliable high level of technical competence, in a great environment, with the most modern state of the art services in a cost effective manner. We would be pleased to see you and your family as well.

We are always happy to welcome new patients.
We see emergencies same day - Period! We see emergencies as soon as possible - Period! We do this because we care about our patients and we care when you have dental pain. You will not be sent away.

At DRs Mesh - of one thing you can be absolutely sure - We will always do our very best to provide you the finest care available, to offer you all reasonable treatment alternatives and to show you how to save money on your treatment decisions.

Today being economical is more important than ever before for everyone. We always keep you informed, offer alternatives and answer your questions so that you can balance the benefits of treatment with the cost.

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